UI/UX Designer - Figma - Full-time - Remote

Work Type: Full Time

We are always on the lookout for great talent! 

KonfHub is a one-stop platform to host conferences. To build a great product, we need a great team. 

We are on the lookout for fresh, self-motivated UI/UX developers for full-time positions. The applicant should have good skills in Figma and is passionate about designing UX screens - that's the only requirement! 

As a remote working company, we believe in a tech-enabled hybrid future that is driven by an engaging, inspiring & collaborative work environment. And if you like to think outside the box and can contribute to our journey of building an amazing product that make our end-users smile, then you are a good fit for our diverse & dynamic team!

About the role:
1. Candidate will work closely with product and development starting from feature requirement till implementation

2. Candidate will understand the product/feature requirements, gather information to create design screens

3. Make suitable iterations to existing designs

4. Stay up-to-date with market trends to suggest best practices to improve user experience

Experience: 1-2 years

Must-have skills:

1. Good skills in using Figma

2. Good practical hands-on (working) knowledge in creating UX screen designs

We invite you to join a fast-growing team with a modern tech stack. What’s more, this is a fully remote position.

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